A short update

I felt a need to get some things down in writing, so I thought I’d post a quick update on things.

I realise that many of you will find this post a whole lot of nothing, and it probably is from a readers’ perspective – not that anyone’s felt a need to comment on anything I’ve put up lately.  If you don’t comment I won’t know what you like or hate about my ramblings.  So I will continue to just knock this stuff out as I see fit – not that things would change much if there were tons of comments because I find it good therapy to write these things down.

I while ago I posted a blog asking why things were different this time around.  Well, the extended period of dressing is still going on and I still have no explanation.  I am no more stressed than I usually am at work or in my personal life, so it isn’t some kind of sub-conscious way of dealing with that.

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Another real-world shopping experience

Just thought I’d put this out there to assure some of the doubters out there that shopping as a male for female clothes can be more enjoyable than you might think.

This is all true and happened on the afternoon of October 17.

I finished work at my usual time and headed for the train station. I managed to get there a little early which meant I had time for some window shopping, so I headed to the shops nearby. I ended up being enticed by the lovely display inside the Ann Summers store and went in. The assistant came up after a suitable period, asking if I needed help.

I’ve done a fair amount of shopping in the past and I find that honesty ‘normally’ helps – I mean if you go in with the “it’s for my wife / girlfriend”, sure the assistant will be helpful but how useful is that help really? If you tell them straight out that it’s for you they can (and mostly do) offer some opinions based on your height, shape etc. Of course, you’re under no obligation to take that advice but I find it their honesty refreshing. Continue reading Another real-world shopping experience

Part-time dressing – make it easier for yourself

I have tried to write the following with a view to making it accessible, both to those just beginning their journey into crossdressing as well as the ‘seasoned veteran’. I should point out that it’s quite lengthy – probably too long for a blog post and I could have dragged it out over 2 or 3 posts. I decided it would be better as one post because then everything’s all in one post if you need to refer back to it. Plus, if you’re only looking tips in a particular area you don’t have to wait – aren’t I nice to you all?!!

So … if you’re still here, and you have your tea and biscuits ready for the long haul I will assume that you are serious about your crossdressing; probably you do so for only short periods of time, maybe because you’re still ‘in the closet’ or you only have a short time outside of work to enjoy your femme side. Even those who dress part-time can achieve a fairly decent (and in some cases a frankly stunning) look. In fact many of my own forays into the feminine world last less than 3 hours – I’d guess about 2 hours is average – but I still like to try to achieve some semblance of femininity in my looks. I have covered some of these subjects in previous posts and have added links to those posts where necessary for your further reading pleasure.

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Why are things different this time?

I start this post with a question: “Why am I having feelings of desire for dressing beyond the usual?

You might well be asking “what is usual?”, and obviously the answer will be different for everyone.

Speaking for myself, the dressing desire has previously begun to deteriorate after a couple of weeks of getting back into it.  From memory it’s been a month at the very most.

This time, though, things seem to be different and for the life of me, I can’t work out why!

My “normal” scenario goes something like this:

Things start off with me beginning to notice women – more precisely, I begin to notice what they’re wearing. At first this is more a sub-conscious thing, but at some point I realise what I’m doing and I know that it’s a sign that Sarah is on her way back.

After a few days of this the old feelings that are best described as ‘butterflies in my stomach’ begins to surface and I find myself in a women’s clothes section in a daze taking in all the wonders before me.  Within a week I’m dressing again.

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It’s been too long

I seem to have been here before, spending prolonged periods away from dressing, not to mention this blog and you readers.  I can only apologise but I’m not exactly sure what I can do about either for the moment . Work and home life are both conspiring against me making regular posts … at least posting something worthwhile!  I’ve had so many ideas for subjects of posts but just haven’t had the time or the energy to write them.  They will no doubt appear at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, eh?

Although I have managed to get in some dressing time I haven’t had a chance to post the pics.  I may rectify that at the weekend.

This, though, is not one of those occasions, though, because I have finally managed to get some decent dressing time in and this is the result (click on the pic for large version):


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