Crossdressing Resources

A general search for crossdressing resources throws up a lot of US sites, which is fine but isn’t much help if you’re in the UK like me.  The following are all UK sites / services.

Clothing, Wigs and Accessories

Crossdressing Closet – All kinds of femme finery and accessories. Plus you get 10% off your first order!

Doreen Fashions – Doreen’s sells everything you could need to make yourself girly. East London shop with lovely staff.

Hour Glass Figure – Bodyshaping garmet, other lingeries and breastforms.

The Breastform Store – also sells hosiery, other underwear, wigs and accessories.

Rosalind Woods Fantasy & Glamour – some lovely fantasy items at fairly reasonable prices compared to some.

Lingerie for Men – some great lingerie, especially made for men

Help & Advice

The Beaumont Society – advice for crossdressers and their partners.

Boston Belles – transgendered support group.

Transliving – Essex-based support group

Makeover services

Transformation – a one-stop shop for the discerning crossdresser specialising in makeovers but sells clothing, make-up and breastforms.

The Boudoir – based in Bethnal Green in London, this is a dressing service that will also do you a nice photo-shoot if you so desire.

Dress Me Up – based in Cheshire. Also provides escorted shopping trips.

The Fourth Space – based in Henley & London. Prices look a bit steep, but they do provide one-to-one service so ….

Adam and Eve – another London-based service that provides other activities that you can join in with.

Trans-Femme – based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Visions – based in Camberley, Surrey.

Fantasy Girl – Based in Folkestone, Kent

Translife – based in Hove. Very reasonable prices and a range of options, including B&B. They also sell a clothing, make-up and accessories,

If there’s a shop, online store, support group or dressing service I’ve missed off that you’ve had a good experience with by all means let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

3 thoughts on “Crossdressing Resources”

  1. Hi Sarah – thank you so much for adding Translife to your resource links if you have the time would it be possible to add us also in the dressing service section as we have a nice facility here for makeovers and photo shoots. The sunshine is out here in Hove and maybe one of these days you might be able to pop in and pay us a visit?

    1. Hi Sophie.
      You must have thought I was ignoring you for which I humbly apologise. Work took over my life for a while there – I was working away from home all week and had no time to check on these pages. Now that I’m back working in London I have the time, so I should really get back to more regular updates again!
      I have moved your entry to the dressing service area as requested and I think I may well be in touch re: coming down for a bit of Sarah time.
      Sarah xx

  2. Hi Sarah, I’d like to introduce you to a UK based shoes, clothes and accessories site with an excellent delivery and returns policy. Happy Shopping! Queen Bee x

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