A short update

I felt a need to get some things down in writing, so I thought I’d post a quick update on things.

I realise that many of you will find this post a whole lot of nothing, and it probably is from a readers’ perspective – not that anyone’s felt a need to comment on anything I’ve put up lately.  If you don’t comment I won’t know what you like or hate about my ramblings.  So I will continue to just knock this stuff out as I see fit – not that things would change much if there were tons of comments because I find it good therapy to write these things down.

I while ago I posted a blog asking why things were different this time around.  Well, the extended period of dressing is still going on and I still have no explanation.  I am no more stressed than I usually am at work or in my personal life, so it isn’t some kind of sub-conscious way of dealing with that.

Also, I may have made it sound like I wasn’t enjoying it, when the reverse was true – I’ve loved every minute of it.  I guess I had just become used to that old pattern of a few weeks every couple of month.

I bought a new wig and several new outfits during October.   It’s amazing how different one feels wearing a new wig – it really does make a world of difference! It’s made the last few dressing sessions a lot more enjoyable than they would normally have been.

One thing that has come out of this is that I am no longer just satisfied with being stuck indoors.  However, I am finding it extremely difficult to find the courage to actually get myself through the front door.  This is yet another strange trend because I have been out many times – just for a walk around the block. Nothing too strenuous.  So I was a little unnerved when I got to the door, car keys in hand, and stopped dead. I was terrified.

Obviously this is the next thing I need to work on!

Anyway, aside from these turmoils I’ve had some great experiences whilst shopping in drab – I’ve related one of them in a previous post but there were others.  For example, in Boots just this past Thursday afternoon I went to buy some false eyelashes, some makeup brushes and some makeup applicators.  I got to the till to pay for my goodies and the lovely lady there asked if I’d seen some of the makeup kits they had in and actually suggested a particular one. She was right, it was fab so I bought that too!


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