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An Explanation is due, Sarah!

Okay, I know, it’s been a hell of a long time to go without at least posting some kind of explanation and for that I sincerely apologise.

You should know, though, that it wasn’t my intention to leave things this long – it’s just the unfortunate way that things happened, I’m afraid.

So, what’s the story you ask?

Well, it was basically down to two things.  Firstly, my mother being taken ill.  Early last year she had to go into hospital but, at the time, it didn’t appear to be “too” serious.   Obviously, this didn’t turn out to be the case in the longer term as after several, and increasingly more frequent, visits from paramedics and late-night trips to hospital, she sadly died in April this year.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in the middle of all this I was called in to see the doctor and given the news that I was diabetic!  Deep joy!  At least it’s only Type 2,  so no insulin required but still …

Since then I’ve been trudging on with my life, as one does.  I hadn’t even thought about dressing in the past year or so; and, shamefully, I probably thought about this blog even less.  Some would say rightfully so, but having thought about it a lot in the past couple of weeks, I think not.

I think I may have missed out on a great deal of support.  Don’t get me wrong, family and friend have all been fantastic and I feel lucky to have them.  It’s just that I think that other dimension of support outside of that environment – as well as writing about it – might have got me to this point a lot quicker.

Maybe.    Who knows?

All I know is that I’m about ready to jump back into the maelstrom that is my feminine self and continue this journey into the great unknown that is ‘the future’!

Oh, and just so you know … it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Due to the diabetes, I sorted out my diet and I actually am feeling a lot better.  I also lost some weight, which is always good.  Also, I was offered a new job that, so far, is going far better than I hoped.

So there it is, people.  The explanation.

In future I’ll endeavour to put up a post if something’s going on that could potentially mean another period of absence.

I will be tidying up around here in the next couple of days – some of the links and stuff may need updating / removing.  I’ve had some comments that had been waiting a while to be approved and I apologise to you if yours was one of them.  They are all now approved and will reply personally in due course.

So now I’m off to do some research on the latest going’s on in the transgender scene and will post something worthy of your attention!

Until then, people, be good to one another … and if you can’t be good, be careful!


The first transvestite?

I was quite excited to read a few days ago about a recently-discovered painting, reportedly of the world’s first transvestite.

The portrait was sold in New York to a British gallery and was originally marked as a ‘woman in a feathered hat’.

It has since been discovered to be a painting of a man dressed as a woman and is thought to be the earliest known picture of a transvestite. Hooray!

So who was this daring guy that flouted the rules of society? Well, it has been confirmed to be one Monsieur Chevalier D’Eon who was, according to the research, a ‘legendary’ French 18th-century transvestite.

The painting was discovered in a Manhattan auction house by art historian Philip Mould, who works on the BBC programme “Antiques Roadshow”.  It was Mr Mould who carried out the investigation that resulted in the identification of the sitter as Chevalier D’Eon, known as ‘the patron saint of transvestites’.  Really?  We have a patron saint?  Who knew?  And why has no-one told me this before?

Apparently the National Gallery in London is seriously considering buying the painting and, should they do so, it will be the Gallery’s first painting of a crossdresser!  Anyone in London can go and view the painting at Mr Mould’s gallery in Dover Street … I may make a pilgrimage!

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Some good news

Anyone who’s taken the time to read through my older posts will be aware that I’ve been out of work for a while now.

Well, all that’s about to change because it looks like I’ll be re-joining the rank and file of the working masses.  I’m going to assume that there was a big cheer there … and if there wasn’t, why not?

I’m feeling pretty good about this news, but at the same time also a little daunted.

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Absent no more

Wow!!  Has it really been that long since I posted something?  I guess so, huh?

First off I have to thank everyone that has read my posts and  a special thanks to those who have taken the time to comment.  I really do appreciate it.  I don’t have any real reason for the prolonged absence, other than that I found myself in a bit of rut in my personal life – I guess being out of work affected more than I was willing to admit.

Any how, I’ve given myself a good kick up the arse and I’m finally crawling back into the world with a renewed lease of life.  I don’t know how long it will last so please bear with me whilst I try to get my brain back into something resembling intelligent thought!

I will hopefully be back with some new articles in the next few days – anyone with any subjects that you think might be engaging for others feel free to drop me  a line.

Thanks again everyone.

Move complete

Hi all

Those who’ve been following this will be aware that I’ve been in the process of moving here from Blogger.  If you’ve found your way here from Blogger, then welcome.

The move is now complete – all pictures and most of the posts have been deleted from Blogger, and I’ve re-posted them here with only some minor spelling or grammatical corrections.

I’m expecting to begin updates proper here in the next few days and will be posting as regularly as my life allows, but I’m going to aim for at least once a week (but hopefully two or three times).  We’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully, I can make it onto your regular haunts … but I guess it’s up to me to make it worth your while, eh?  Just be aware there’ll be nothing smutty here, though, so if you’re looking for that you’ll be way disappointed. Sorry!

Thanks again for looking in on my blog.

See you all soon.