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Another gallery

Just by way of a reason to post something, below is a small gallery of pics from the past couple of weeks.

Most of the outfits were purchased during this period and I have a few more items on the way, so this elongated period of dressing certainly isn’t showing signs of disappearing.  Loving every second I get to spend dressed so long may it continue.

There are a lot more on my FlickR page if you’re interested.

Soft fetish

Sarah in satin cami & half slip

I guess you could say that I have a soft fetish – I am a big lover of satins and silks.

Both materials invoke such feelings of feminity in me while I’m wearing them, and get me so excited if I see them on someone else.

Just think of all the lovely clothes that wouldn’t be half as desirable if they are made of other materials.  Those gorgeous creations would not have such a slinky look about them if they weren’t made in satin or silk.  I don’t think there’s anything better than seeing a lovely, long satin skirt draped over the edge of a couch or chair.

Silk and satin panties feel so soft and snuggly against the delicate skin of my nether regions; add a silky slip underneath a satin skirt and those interactions between the layers is amazingly erotic.  Complete said outfit with a matching satin bra and camisole, all topped off with a sexy, long-sleeved satin blouse and my life just doesn’t get any better.

The only problem? Washing out those “creamy accidents” that will inevitably occur from time-to-time!