Slip Diary #2

I haven’t been able to count up all my slips yet. I did start, honestly.

So many slips

What you can see on the bed is just a small selection which currently reside in the various drawers in the base of my bed amongst all my other girly clothes.  I removed quite a good handful but it hardly seemed to put a dent in the layers of silky finery contained therein.

I guess it’s going to take a lot longer than I had anticipated to count each and every one.

And, of course, once they’re counted I then have the enviable task of putting them all back, which might take a fair bit longer as I seriously doubt I’ll be able to resist putting some of them on.  I daresay there are some that haven’t seen the light of day since I bought them.

On a happier note I have begun work again, hence the happy look on my face, so I’m fairly sure that part of the first pay packet will be squandered on the purchase of at least 2 new slips.  In fact I’ve got my eyes on a rather beautiful, dusky pink (my favourite colour!) half slip – similar colour to the full slip I’m holding in the pic – with some gorgeous lace detail around the hem and up the slit.

Relaxing in one of my half slips

Creative Commons Licence

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