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Name change

After much deliberation I have decided to change my femme name.  It’s not the first time but, hopefully, will be the last.

My brief femme name history

When I first started out I called myself Samantha – if I remember correctly that was around 1983.  I was happy with that for a long time.  I used this name on my first, and subsequent, visits to Transformation.  I even presented them with a photo for their wall with a wonderful girly signature on it – wonder what happened to that?!

When I began to get more confident and started to get out, meeting other crossdressers I found that they would shorten the name to Sam.  Now that’s all very well, and I didn’t really mind it, but after a while I found it sounded more male than female, so I changed it.  I guess this would be sometime in the early nineties.

After much deliberation I I came up with Kathryn.  Of course, that got shortened too, sometimes by me signing e-mails and forum posts with “Kate”.  People I met online and in real life would invariable use the more “girly” contraction of “Katie”.  It got shortened further to Kat at some point – that may have been me, after watching Kat Von D on Miami Ink!

I’ve joined a number of sites using the “Kate” monicker so if you think I look familiar that’s probably the reason.  It really is me and not some imposter stealing my pictures, honest.  I have plenty of evidence if it’s ever called into question.

So, why the change?

If I’m totally honest I don’t know why I feel the need to change names now.  Maybe it’s because I’m trying turn over a new leaf, begin a new chapter – pick your own cliche!  I think it’s because I want to be taken a bit more seriously … oh, I don’t know.

Whatever the reason, Kathryn has been part of me for so long that I can’t ditch it completely so I’ve decided to keep it as my middle name. So the full name I’ve chosen is Sarah Kathryn Storm.

I’ve never used a surname before (let alone a middle name), but to clear up the origins: the surname is just a sad salute to my cartoon heroine Susan Storm from the Fantastic Four.

So this is me from now on: Sarah Storm … reporting for duty.

Not a really good day

In fact, today has been a bit of a “non-event”.

The car went in for a service; they tried to stitch me up for £800 on a catalytic converter! Apparently it’s cracked all the way around.  Being an official Ford garage they do a check whenever you take the car in for work, which I did a few weeks ago – there didn’t appear to be any crack then.  Also, some of the things that they said “really should be done” last year were strangely absent this time.  Hmmm!

Anyway, back to the subject – this is, after all, a crossdressing blog not a car blog.

A parcel arrived today, which turned out to be one of my e-bay purchases – a lovely dusky pink nylon half slip. Just the pair of gorgeous satin panties to go and my recent purchases will all be safely in my hands.

No doubt I’ll be doing my usual peruse of the new additions on e-bay this evening; I really should stop because all four drawers in my bed are full-to-overflowing!

Post #1

Well here I go.  Beginning of a new blog.

I’m not too sure what sort of commitment I’ll be able to give or how long it will be before I get bored of it.  If indeed I get bored.  Who knows … I’ve surprised myself before so there’s hope.

I feel I should document the fact that I am very frustrated at the moment, due to a lack of begin able to dress as my femme alter ego, Kate.  It’s been at least 18 months since I’ve done any ‘proper’ dressing up – by proper, I’m talking about a lovely skirt and blouse, or that satin dress I bought the other day but have yet to try on.

It’s partly down to the fact that I don’t like to just “dress”; I prefer to go the whole way, using make-up and wigs to create the best female image that I can manage.  Anything less than this leaves me feeling incomplete and unable to fully relax and enjoy the experience.

Also, I’m feeling depressed at the fact that in the interim period between now and my last dress-up session I have put on so much weight that I doubt I’ll fit into all the feminine finery currently in my possession.

What to do? Well the answer is obvious – find time to be Kate. This is easier said than done because I’m currently living with the parents for too many reasons to go into.  I need to get out and back into my own place but at the moment this isn’t feasible.  My wages won’t go far enough!

Will have to plod along until everything’s paid off!!!