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Part-time dressing – make it easier for yourself

I have tried to write the following with a view to making it accessible, both to those just beginning their journey into crossdressing as well as the ‘seasoned veteran’. I should point out that it’s quite lengthy – probably too long for a blog post and I could have dragged it out over 2 or 3 posts. I decided it would be better as one post because then everything’s all in one post if you need to refer back to it. Plus, if you’re only looking tips in a particular area you don’t have to wait – aren’t I nice to you all?!!

So … if you’re still here, and you have your tea and biscuits ready for the long haul I will assume that you are serious about your crossdressing; probably you do so for only short periods of time, maybe because you’re still ‘in the closet’ or you only have a short time outside of work to enjoy your femme side. Even those who dress part-time can achieve a fairly decent (and in some cases a frankly stunning) look. In fact many of my own forays into the feminine world last less than 3 hours – I’d guess about 2 hours is average – but I still like to try to achieve some semblance of femininity in my looks. I have covered some of these subjects in previous posts and have added links to those posts where necessary for your further reading pleasure.

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Crossdressing help videos

I know I’ve covered this subject before but I wanted to bring some excellent videos to your attention.

The place is VeraWylde’s YouTube Channel.  Vera is a crossdresser who gives some excellent advice based on her personal experiences, and they are a must-view for anyone new to crossdressing.  Many of the subjects I have covered here, but I think it would be useful for the newbies to check them out.  I think it’s fair to say that most of us seasoned dressers would have killed for something like this when we were starting out.

The videos in question are as follows:

#1 – Foundation

#2 – Lipstick

#3 – Breasts

#4 – Shopping

#5 – Eyeliner

#6 – Eye Lashes

#7 – Wigs and Hair

#8 – Corsets

#9 – Eye Shadow

#10 – High Heels

If you’d like some proper tutorials on the application of makeup there are plenty to be found at my personal favourite VideoJug’s Makeup videos where you’ll find a tuturial for all your makeup needs.

If you want an alternative then  Makeup Beauty TV – that’s tv as in television, rather than transvestite! – is a credible site with some good videos.

Creating your look – addendum

In a previous post “Creating Your Look” I set out an idea for creating a convincing cleavage.  Well I have found the following video on YouTube that shows how to do this.

Video used with the kind permission of Heidiphox100 – check out Heidi’s YouTube Channel

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Thinking about Makeup

For some this aspect of crossdressing is a real burden.

I like to present the best feminine image I can when I dress so I only tend to do so when I have the time to do the makeup properly.  I’ve found that if I only have a short window of opportunity to dress, spending an hour on my makeup routine reduces the time I get to spend in the clothes I love, so I end up rushing it.  That invariably means I’m not happy with the final result and I don’t enjoy the dressing experience as much as normal.

So I tend not to dress unless I have the whole day to pamper myself.  That way I actually enjoy the makeup routine – you could even say that it enhances the whole experience and helps me to get into the female frame-of-mind.

If you’re just starting out on your crossdressing journey, or if you’re thinking of adding makeup to your dressing experience, it can be rather daunting.  If you’re anything like me the idea of sitting down at the makeup counter in your local store probably fills you with dread.

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Eyebrows are often overlooked but, Believe it or not, they are pretty important. Especially if you want to pass en-femme.

Some of us are lucky enough to have fairly thin eyebrows that aren’t too bushy. Unfortunately, though, there are just as many crossdressers out there that have eyebrows that look like woolly caterpillars!  Just like getting your hair cut or your face shaved, eyebrow grooming is essential. Most people need some form of remedial eyebrow maintenance every once in a while and, luckily for us, a lot of what works well for women will work equally well for men.

I know what you’re thinking: “What about looking too femme when I’m out with the boys?”.  Well, you have nothing to worry about so long as you make any changes slowly over a period of time.  That way very few people – if any – will notice. Of course, if you go overboard and shape them too thin or too highly arched then you’ll probably be asking for trouble!

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