Slip Diary #5

The slip-buying has continued unabated (I know, I have poor self-control when it comes to slips … sorry!).

Another successful bid on eBay – this time a delightful micro-mini half slip in white satin.  I bought it specifically to wear to work under my male clothes.  Should be fun, mixed with a bit of fear at potentially being caught.

Staying on the lingerie-buying, although not slips.  It is satin-related, though, so that’s good enough for me!  I took delivery of two pairs of panties today.  First up is a pale pink pair of silk panties from Marks & Spencers’ Ceriso collection. My God, do they feel nice on – it’s like I’m naked!  The other is a pair of boy-shorts from La Senza.  They are a creamy gold colour satin with black polka dot pattern on front with a nylon mesh on the rear.

I have one more slip auction that I’m waiting on and then I think I’ll try to exercise a bit of restraint and make it the last one for a while.

Showing off the lacy detail on the waist

Creative Commons Licence

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