Slip Diary #3

Okay.  It’s done … the slip count is in … {drum roll} … the grand total is … 211!!

Wow, that’s far too many for one girly to wear!

As I suspected there were many slips that I’d totally forgotten about … and so many satin ones. Percentage of satin to nylon?  Hmm … I reckon it was around 60/40 in favour of satin.  And so many different colours!  I really must delve in there more often because I seriously don’t remember buying that brown satin half slip with the black lace trim!

Oh, well. I have to say that this little escapade has left me all hot and bothered and my panties are a lot tighter than when I started … I think I should attend to that before I slip into my nightie!

Silky lavendar slip

Creative Commons Licence

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