Vintage slips

I can hear your cries from here … “oh, no, not another ‘slips’ post”!!

Well, hey, anyone who’s written advice on writing a blog says to write about what you know and love.  And I love slips – like you didn’t know already!

This one is a little bit different since it isn’t really about my own collection.  It’s more about your ‘vintage’ slip.

Now, by vintage I’m now talking about 18th Century ‘hooplah’ type petticoats. There’s a time and a place for them, but I’m afraid it’s not here!  No, I’m talking from around the 1920s/30s up to the 80s. Yes, you heard me (or at least read me) correctly, I said 1980s.

These slips come in so many different colours and styles that it would take a whole separate blog to cover them all properly.

The selection at your nearest department store may be bland – at least here in the UK you’ll be lucky if you can find a ‘coloured’ slip. They’ll mostly stock white, cream or black and invariably only in nylon or that ‘cling-resist’ stuff *shudders*

I guess what I’m really saying is that if you’re fed up with plain white, cream or black slips then a vintage slip is what you want to look out for. Half slips, bra slips, full slips, and mini slips are all out there waiting for you, if you know where to find them.


Full slips in various lengths can be worn year round.

Slips can give an extra layer of support under your clothes, to give you a polished look. Bumps and dimples in your skin are erased while wearing slips.

Half slips provide warmth and coverage in the knee to mini lengths. Mini half slips can be very sexy under skirts and dresses.


Electric blue, yellow, red, pink, and light green are popular vintage colours.

You may also be able to find orange, grey, colour contrasting lace and flowered patterns. If you find a slip that you really like you can easily dye it.

Choose a colour that will coordinate with the dress or blouse you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a bright turquoise dress, a beautiful hint of brown lace peeking out at the bust line is pretty.

You can layer a slip the same way that you would layer a camisole with a co-ordinating coloured t shirt.


Unlike today’s clothes, your vintage slips are very true to size.

Full slip sizes run by bra sizes. The average cup size in slips fits a b to c cup. Be sure to adjust the straps on the slip for the best fit.

If modern slips do not fit you well in the bust line vintage slips may work out for you better. The cup sizes are cut a bit smaller than current sizes under the arms. For example if you wear a 30 b or 30c you may be able to find a perfect fit in a size 30 slip.

Current slips at department stores assume that you in a size small wear a 34 band size.

Slips were originally made to be worn as hidden undergarments. Lacy and vintage slips can be worn to be seen. Tastefully showcase the lace from your slip under a classy blouse and pencil skirt. Wear sheer tops and dresses with colour coordinating slips.

Locating great items is easy at resale boutiques, estate sales, second-hand stores, and

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