Crossdressing help videos

I know I’ve covered this subject before but I wanted to bring some excellent videos to your attention.

The place is VeraWylde’s YouTube Channel.  Vera is a crossdresser who gives some excellent advice based on her personal experiences, and they are a must-view for anyone new to crossdressing.  Many of the subjects I have covered here, but I think it would be useful for the newbies to check them out.  I think it’s fair to say that most of us seasoned dressers would have killed for something like this when we were starting out.

The videos in question are as follows:

#1 – Foundation

#2 – Lipstick

#3 – Breasts

#4 – Shopping

#5 – Eyeliner

#6 – Eye Lashes

#7 – Wigs and Hair

#8 – Corsets

#9 – Eye Shadow

#10 – High Heels

If you’d like some proper tutorials on the application of makeup there are plenty to be found at my personal favourite VideoJug’s Makeup videos where you’ll find a tuturial for all your makeup needs.

If you want an alternative then  Makeup Beauty TV – that’s tv as in television, rather than transvestite! – is a credible site with some good videos.

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