Creating better photos

Anyone who spends any time on the internet will know that you have to have some photos if you want to be taken seriously.  Or at least so that other people can see that you’re not faking.  Some people are naturally more photogenic than others and they will find it easy to get together a few great-looking photos for the sites that they frequent.

Others aren’t so lucky, and I would class myself in this category.  I can tell you it looks a damn-site easier than it actually is, but when you do get that couple of truly awesome pix it can be a real confidence booster, let me tell you.

I’m living proof that you don’t need to be born beautiful to look good in photos, providing you’re willing to work at it.  You’ll need to put together some of the ideas from previous posts and then it takes a lot of experimentation with different clothes, different positions (standing, sitting, kneeling, etc).  Most of us nowadays have digital cameras so take lots of pictures because you can always delete them afterwards.

Before anyone asks – yes, that really is me in all the pics … well, I thought it was about time I showed some more of myself!

1. Don’t face the camera straight on.

Sarah relaxing at home

The male upper body shape can have a obviously wider look, compared to women.  So, unless you’re really skinny and have no shape in your upper body at all, experiment sitting or standing with your hips facing sideways and twist at the waist so your shoulders face forward. This creates the illusion of an hourglass shape.

2. Opt for natural-looking makeup

Is this too close?

Dark makeup can looks harsh, while sparkly or iridescent makeup doesn’t reflect light well in photos.

Instead, keep your lips light and play up your eyes for a natural, feminine look.

Use more poweder than normal because camera lights reflect shine.

3. Photograph your best side

Sarah being a bit saucy!

Hopefully, if you did enough experimentation in step 1 then you’ll have discovered that one side of your face presents a better image than the other.  Try to take the majority of photos from this side to present the best image of yourself.

Experimentation is the key.  If you haven’t before then try different facial angles until you find your best look. Normally a 3/4 view of your face is more flattering than a straight on view.

Also, for those with a little more fat around the chin area, stretching your neck will help reduce that “double-chin” affect whilst at the same time presenting a more feminine neckline.  If you want to make your eyes look larger then tilt your chin down slightly to give the desired affect.

4. Do something with your arms!

Sarah posing

One of the biggest problems for crossdressers is what to do with the arms.

Posing with your arms pressed tight against your body can make them look bigger.

Try holding your arms away from your body for a more slimming effect.

5. Think ‘girl’

Think "Girl"

The camera captures everything!

If you feel bad about yourself, it can be reflected in your photos.

Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel attractive … Tell yourself you’re hot or imagine that you’re a supermodel. “Pretty thoughts” definitely shine through in photos.

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