Hair removal

There are many solutions available to help you get rid of that unwanted hair and they each have their own limitations, so using any of them will eventually come down to your own personal circumstances and what you really want to get out of your dressing experience.

All I’m going do here is to try to identify and describe some of the many different techniques available and what you can reasonably expect from them so that you can hopefully make the right choice for you.

For hundreds of years people have tried a myriad of things to remove hair from their bodies. As you would expect, some approaches have been more effective than others.


Starting with the glaringly obvious method that the majority of you will probably have done at some time in your lives: the shaving of facial hair via your razor, be it electric or blade.  Shaving for some will last longer than for others – some of you may find that you’ll be sprouting new hairs within a couple of hours, whilst others will be luckier and last maybe a day.

If you’re going to be out for a while, this can be combated to some extent by using a good beard cover under your foundation.  Other issues with shaving are the inevitable nicks that can occur, especially if you’re in a hurry to begin your transformation that you end up being less than careful with the razor.

Shaving body and / or leg hair presents different challenges.  I have been known to use my normal razor on my legs without too many problems so I invested in one of the lady razors – in an effort to try to get into ‘femme’ mode a bit earlier.  It didn’t work and I ended up going back to my normal razor.

Shaving is a fairly decent, if short-term, way to get rid of hair but it will only remove hair above the surface of the skin, which means you’ll need to continue to shave frequently.

For longer-lasting results the hair below the surface of the skin needs to be removed.


This is a very cheap way of removing entire hairs.  The downside is that it’s not really going to be that viable for anything other than keeping your eyebrows in check!   Unless of course you have an endless amount of time and you can stand the prolonged pain.

Some people say that tweezing can actually encourage hair growth; I couldn’t find any definitive advice on this so this may not be a very good approach, after all.  I do know, though, that it does little to prevent regrowth of the hair once it has been plucked.


Oh, goodie. Another option to instil the fear of God into you!  You can get some fairly cheap packs but, please, remember that it’s going to hurt.  Once you get used it it’s not too bad but beware on the first couple of uses.

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams are a … how can I put this tactfully … a dangerous option! They work by essentially chemically melting the hair and, unfortunately, they can often melt skin too.  Those warning labels on the packaging are not just for show, ladies.  If it says don’t leave it on for more than 10 minutes, then DON’T!   People have been known to get chemical burns from them.  You may also find that they’ll only work on certain areas – for example, they may be fine on your arms, but less effective on your chest.


Getting to the more expensive methods now.  There are numerous of these little machines are available at various prices that a lot of you may find affordable.  I’m not being paid to advertise any particular brand so I’m not going recommend any particular make / model.

Again, though, be aware that they can be pretty painful to use the first time, but with repeated use are not too uncomfortable – at least on the arms and legs!

If you intend to use one of these beauties on your chest then you may want to do some preparation beforehand.  First: remove the majority of the hair with a beard trimmer. Cutting down to less than a quarter of an inch in length should suffice. Next, have a soak in a hot bath. After about a half an hour of soaking, dry yourself off and start ripping those hairs out!! It still hurts, but the pain is less.

Other creams

Apparently there are some creams out there that will help stop the growth of facial hair by blocking the natural chemical necessary for hair growth.  Studies look promising – around 60% of the women experienced a significant reduction of facial hair. The main restriction on this one is that it’s only available by prescription and takes about two months to work. It’s also expensive. Oh, yeah, and if you stop using it the effect wears off and the hairs will return.

Laser Hair Removal

Since this blog is more for the casual crossdresser I couldn’t find any way to make this option viable. I couldn’t do this justice here as it requires a lot of background information to help you make an informed decision. If I can manage get my head around the facts and figures, as well as the technicalities of this I may do a separate post on this in the future.

For the purposes of this post I will simply say that due to the exorbitant pricing I feel that this should only be considered an option if you are a full-time dresser, possible with an eye on transitioning.


Tweezers, waxing, depilatory creams and electronic epilators will all give you a longer-lasting result than simple shaving, but if you’re a casual dresser like me then shaving is all you really need.

I guess if I was going to be “out” for a weekend then I’d go for waxing.  But that’s just me!

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