Back with a rant …

Hmmm.  Probably could have come up with a better title but I needed to get typing while my frustration was still fresh – you probably shouldn’t read this if you take life too seriously!

While surfing the ‘net I came across a site that looked like it might be quite interesting, so I had a little peruse through their pages. All was fine until I chanced upon the “blog” page.  This is where I found a couple of posts:  Ofcom Respond to Russell Howards sketch and what looks to be a regular posting of UK Television Transgender Monthly Roundup.

Reading these you would be forgiven for thinking that every negative thing is a personal attack on the transgender community. Of course I understand that there are some people that have a lower level of tolerance but this just smacks of some highly-strung individuals who have very little self-esteem that they take everything too damned seriously.

I saw the Russell Howard sketch and I’m not ashamed to admit that I laughed.  I didn’t take it personally – I have a sense of humour.  I certainly don’t think it warranted a complaint, any more than any other comedy sketch does.  If every demographic complained every time someone made a joke about them then there’d be no good telly out there.  For crying out loud, if we can’t laugh at ourselves there’s something seriously wrong somewhere.

If we start bitching about every little thing how the hell do we expect to convince others take our cause seriously?

As for the diatribe on the monthly roundup … I mean seriously, do these people really have nothing better to do than channel hop in the hope that they’ll come across something even remotely to do with transgender so that they can be outraged enough to write about it?   I took particular exception to the following: “what is broadcast in the UK reflects on you as a transperson.” Err … actually, no it doesn’t!

I won’t harp on about this because it won’t do my blood pressure any good, but I will just highlight this one regarding the programme “Don’t Tell the Bride” where some of the guys mess about trying on wedding dresses:  “Man in a dress is hilarious? This will forever damage the hopes and dreams of the M to F transgender person”.  WTF?  Do they seriously think that anyone watching that would not know the difference between straight guys having a laugh and a transgender person? Or maybe they’re just deliberately making this association in order to get some attention? Or maybe they’re saying that you shouldn’t be wearing dresses unless you’re female or a transperson

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be limits, of course there should. I do, however, think we need to be sensible about it and I for one am glad that the rules aren’t set by small-minded pedants.  The world would be a bland place to live if this were to happen and no-one would be able to live the lifestyle they really want for fear of offending everyone else.

I’d be on the frontline fighting against anything that is properly offensive, but attacking every stupid little thing that most of us with an ounce of common sense can see isn’t really relevant, is nothing more than petty vindictiveness and, as far as I’m concerned, that just reduces us to the same low levels as the bigots out there.

Surely we’re better than that?

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