Theme change

Greetings readers, hope you’re all well.

Just wanted to put out this little message about the change of layout.  It’s been a while coming – the previous theme was great but the text size was rather small.

I think I’ve added most of the stuff that was on the old side-bar, it’s just all in one column instead of two.

Although I’ve kept the “Recent Posts” list in the sidebar you’ll notice that this theme shows you 10 posts per page, so you can scroll down the page to read the first few paragraphs of longer posts, or the whole thing if they’re short enough.  I may remove the list … or not!  I haven’t decided yet.

Just to keep you all interested (and so that the site doesn’t get too stale), you’ll find that the rather fetching graphic at the top will change every time you click a post or page link.  There are currently 10 but I may well add more so keep an eye out for them.

One thing that I miss about the old theme is the way it handled “Featured” posts – by putting them in a little coloured box under the latest ‘normal’ post.  This one will do Featured posts but it sticks them at the top of the first page, which means that the latest post gets a bit ‘lost’, so I won’t be using them here.

However, this theme does allow me to enter a lot more different types of posts, such as Facebook-style “Status” updates, quotes, images, links and galleries.  I’ll no doubt be having a play with these over the next couple of days to see what they all do, so don’t be alarmed if things suddenly disappear soon after they’ve been posted.

I won’t be letting this “play time” affect the normal posts.  I’m just about to start on the next gem for you and that should be up in the next day or so.

In the meantime, I hope you like the new look.

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