False nails

One of the little details that serve to enhance the feminine appearance is longer-length finger nails.

Unfortunately for most of us, growing our own nails will be little more than a dream.  Mostly because conventions say that men should not have long nails, but there’s also the practical side too.  Many of us will have manual jobs and longer nails can inhibit ones ability to carry out such work safely.

If you’re feeling brave you could go to a salon and get some professionally applied acrylic nails which will last a lot longer and will look a lot better than the cheaper stick-on nails.

If you’ve never done this before then you might finding it difficult to locate a salon that you are comfortable with.  Getting recommendations from crossdressers in your area can be done via the many forums online, or even a local support group (if you have one).

If no one can recommend a salon, try to find a small shop that does not have a lot of traffic. Most places are just happy to get the work and if they don’t have a lot of traffic, no one has to worry about being seen.


Cost of false nails will depend on whether you get them fitted or not. The nails themselves can be bought for less than £5, whereas having acrylic nails professionally fitted will cost upwards of £15.

If you’re only going to be wearing them for a single night then the expense of acrylic nails may not be warranted for just a few hours of wear. Plus, removing them is a damn-site more difficult that the ones you fit yourself – such as soaking them in acetone for over an hour.

Types of false nails available

False nails can be applied quickly and without too much trouble; I tend to buy the clear nails so that I can double the femme experience by applying my own nail colour.  But there are various types out there, so let’s take a look at them.

The first type comes with a small tube of super glue to stick the fake nail to your own nail. These are fine … until you want to remove them. If not removed correctly you may find that your real nails are damaged.  Much like the professional acrylic nails, you will need to soak these nails in polish remover or acetone prior to removing.

The second type uses a double-sided tape to affix the nail. These won’t damage your nails when you remove them but they are prone to becoming detached fairly easily. If you’re going to be doing anything at all whilst dressed – like using the computer or doing the housework – then don’t expect them to stay on for long.  However, if you’re going to be sitting around on your own or with friends, then you should be good for a few hours.

Thirdly, there are “pre-glued” false nails. These have a coating of glue on the underside of each nail that stays sticky. They can literally be taken out of the box and stuck onto your finger in a second or two and they are more-or-less guaranteed to stay there until you pull them off or soak them in hot water.

Although you might find that some brands will claim to be good enough to stay on for an entire weekend, or that they can be re-used.  I’d take that with a pinch of salt.  They are going to last you a day but the likelihood of them being re-usable are probably less than 10%.

Fitting the nails

Make sure you wash your hands well and ensure that they are fully dried before putting on the nails.

When applying the nail, press it as tightly as you can to be sure that the false nail adheres correctly to your own nail. Also try to squeeze the nail as close to your cuticles as possible – this will provide you with a much more natural look.

When you are finished, you might have to file the nails to remove rough edges.  Then you can apply your chosen colour.

2 thoughts on “False nails”

  1. I now use the pre glued nails alamost exclusively. They are easy to apply. You can change the color. If you want them for tough wearing or wish to reuse them many times, simply put a dab of contact cement on your own nail before applying. They’re marvelous.

  2. There is nothing more fun or relaxing then going to a nail salon and getting your nails done, either Acrylics or just a manicure. I have gotten Acrylic nails at least once a year for the last 12 years and love them but I also go and get manicures a couple times a year. Most salons right now do not care who you are or how you are dressed they are just happy you are there and willing to spend money.
    As for nails for everyday outings I have found that indoor outdoor mounting tape (I get at home depot) works really well. Nails stay on really well even in the bath or shower, more info on my blog http://susanmiller64.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/great-idea-for-fast-beautiful-nails/.

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