Creating your “look”

When most crossdressers / transvestites begin their crossdressing journey they are only interested in getting the clothes on.  Just the enjoyment of the new sensations from all the different materials is enough.  For some this will continue through their adult lives, they won’t want to use make-up or wigs.

For the rest of us it quickly becomes apparent that the clothes aren’t enough on their own.  And so we start on the long, sometimes arduous, often lonely,  self-education on how best to crossdress in order  present the closest femme image we can.

Since the clothes came first you will have probably already experimented to some degree with the styles that were available to you.  It would make sense for this to be the starting point if you want to take your femme self seriously, so try to experiment with some more styles than you’ve had access to previously.  This will ultimately help you discover just which clothes you feel most comfortable in, and that work best for your body shape.

The next progression will be to move away from the “bra stuffed with old stockings” to the use of breast forms to enhance that body shape.  Some of you may even go as far as using hip / bum pads to create the ultimate curvaceous body.

Wrap dresses and A-line skirts will accentuate an hourglass shape, whilst corsets and waist-cinchers can help to keep those love-handles in check.

Men’s body shapes come in several shapes just like women’s do. Check out women’s style guides to find out what clothing styles will work best with your figure.

Finding clothes that fit (properly)

I’ve covered sizing in my previous post ‘Making Sense Of Sizes“, but to recap:  over 5’8″ is considered Tall while under 5’4” is considered Petite. If you’re lucky  to have long legs, you may be better off with Tall sizes which may sometimes require shopping online because many stores do not stock those sizes.  Conversely, if you’re on the shorter side then you should have no problem shopping in department stores.

Another factor that may need consideration is whether you need Misses or Women’s clothing. Misses typically run smaller while Women’s clothing has more room in the hips and waist. Until you’re comfortable choosing the right fit, it will take trial-and-error to find out which styles you can wear from Misses and which styles are best when they come from the Women’s sections.

Finally, beware that many stores have different sizes, so even though they all have size 10, 12, 14  etc., more-often-than-not there will be slight variations on the actual inches.  See my Size Guide page for more info on this.

Creating a convincing cleavage and using hip / bum Pads

For the most believable result, you’ll need to fill out your clothes with curves.

You can create a nice hourglass figure with breast forms and hip / bum pads to fill out those dresses, skirts, and tight tops with confidence.

A quick tip to create a ‘cleavage’:  use a matte neutral or cool shade of brown shadow or blush – something slightly darker than your normal skin tone.  With this draw a “Y” shape on your chest, slightly curving out the upper arms of the “Y” to create the illusion of roundness. On what would be the roundest part of the breast, apply a lighter, shimmery colour. This will make the area appear to stand out while the darker shade will recede.

Breast forms come in many sizes and are made of a few different materials.  The most realistic are the silicone forms which can be expensive, but there are some cheaper options out there if you’re willing to look around.  Alternatively, you could make your own forms and hip / bum pads for a custom fit.

Makeup and hair

Without makeup and hair the feminine illusion will never be complete.

At the very least the discerning crossdresser should learn the basics of makeup.  Again, it will take trial-and-error; finding the right colours for your skin tone and hair colour can take time.  Visiting a makeover service can be useful.  Many of them will provide one-to-one makeup lessons if you ask them.  Alternatively, you could check out the many instructional videos on YouTube or Videojug

Choosing the right wig is also important.  Some advice tends to rather ‘pigeon-hole’ us into the typical female stereotypes – they’ll suggest a long blonde wig for the extrovert with a bubbly personality, or a redhead for those with a fiery temper.  Whilst that may be okay up to a point, I think you should also look for something that will suit the actual shape of your face, and that can only really be done by trying different styles to find out what works.

Movement and voice

Those of us who are just happy to be around the house probably won’t need to learn much of this, apart from, perhaps, learning the walk – especially in heels.

The best advice for walking in heels is to start off on a low heel, something like a 3 inch, and “Practise, practise and practise. Then practise some more”.

If you have a video camera, record yourself. It will probably be hard to watch it back, but at least you’ll be able to see how it looks and what you need to do to make it better.   Make sure you swing your hips and rotate your shoulders while keeping your legs close together.

If it sounds difficult, that’s because it is – it goes against everything you do as a man and it will take a lot of time before it becomes anything close to natural. If you’re able to practise every day then do so because it will be worth it.

As for the voice, again it will only be those who want to be out and about, integrating with society who will want to go this far.  I don’t have any experience on this so it’s not something I can give first-hand advice on, but there are some videos on YouTube.

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