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I am sat here in girly mode (see previous post) and just carried out a search on WordPress for other blogs on the subject of crossdressing.  At first glance there are quite a few but closer inspection of the first four showed that they have not been updated in a year in the best case and 3 years in the worst.

My viewing figures have doubled over yesterdays and the site has only been back a day and half, so it can’t be that there isn’t  an audience.

This has led me to think about the reasons why these blogs may have stopped because a couple of them were quite good.  The most obvious reason has to be that the writer has moved on either to another site (although this isn’t mentioned anywhere if this is the case), or they may have just reached the point where they no longer felt the need to continue.

For most crossdressers / transvestites the influence of dressing is proportional to the time spent dressed.  By that I mean that most don’t want to – or can’t – talk about the subject when they’re not ‘en-femme’.  I personally have known crossdressers who enjoy being dressed and will talk about almost anything, but once back in their male clothes find it difficult to look me in the eye – almost like they’re ashamed. Strange but true.

I’m not a psychologist so I can only speak from my own personal experience.  I had some of the same guilty feelings many years ago, before I accepted this was a part of me and that I couldn’t change it.  Once I embraced this side of my personality I found it a lot easier to speak about the subject regardless of whether I was dressed or not.

It may also be that dressing / not dressing cycle causing problems of lack of inspiration for posts.  For me, it’s not unusual for me to go two or three months without ‘needing’ to dress.  On the other hand I have gone for two or three months where I dress nearly every day, even if it’s just a few hours in the evening.

Whatever the reasons, it’s a shame that the good sites don’t continue.  All I can say is this blog won’t finish for those sorts of reasons, so you’ll be stuck with me for a while yet!

So for now, I will continue to check out the list and will try to put together a list of the more interesting blogs on the subject once I’ve weeded out all of the more pornographic ones.

3 thoughts on “Crossdressing blogs”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Just read your blog posting regarding Crossdressing themes on Word Press. I thought I would pass along my site which I hope you will enjoy reading. It is not your typical crossdressing domain when it comes to the how to pass themes but more of my method of trying to figure out who I am and this after 65 years of life…
    Please let me know what you think, good, bad, or otherwise…..

  2. Hi Sarah,

    thank you for bringing up this point! I have a fairly new cross dressing blog (4 months ) and cannot wait until it starts being seen by the CD/TG community! I agree that most bloggers stop posting after awhile due to impatience. It does take a while but I do not plan to give up. I hope to give CD/TG’s helpful tips and advice, it is just a matter of making the content available to the public. I would love for you to check it out 🙂 feel free to leave a comment –

    P.S. Love you other postings as well. I will add you to my reading list so I can now follow you. Thanks for great content!


    1. Hi Keri, thanks for the link.

      Apologies for the (very) long delay in replying – hopefully my latest post explains things! I’ve had a quick look and there’s lots to explore.

      I will definitely take a close look, and in the meantime I have added it to the Links section on my site.

      Keep up the good work.


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