Blog back up

First up, let me apologise to anyone who may have been interested in this blog (there could be someone out there – in which case “sorry”).

I removed the site from public view while I decided if I wanted to continue with it and, if I did continue, where I was going to go with it.

Well, it’s back in the public eye, so that must be a good thing … right?  Well, that’s still up for debate but I’ve decided to continue with it for the time being.  I won’t be very prolific in my musings, at least for the next few weeks but I will try to post something at least once a week.  And hopefully it will be worth your while reading – I won’t be a moaning-minnie, though.  I know have done this in the past but it was more out of despair than anything else.

I think part of my problem is the lack of time to dress.  It’s affecting my ability to relax properly and, therefore, I tend to be a bit more sensitive about things than I normally would be. Obviously things could be improved if I came out to my family – at least I’d be able to dress occassionally – but that isn’t an option because I know the news would not be greeted with any great sympathy. So for now, I’m firmly rooted to the back of the closet!

Despite this, though, I can assure the reader that I will be making a concerted effort to not let it seep into my writing.

Being unemployed probably isn’t helping me much either, but that’s something that I can do something about. I have finally made myself bite the bullet, swallow my pride and head down to the Job Centre to sign-on.  At least there’ll be some money coming in.

One thought on “Blog back up”

  1. I lost my job last year so I know what you are talking about. Just keep moving forward and I am sure everything will work out for you.

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