Why, oh why?

I might possibly be about to explode with frustration – if I do, please don’t take it personally!

What’s got my pretty little back up? In a word, Men!!!

It may seem like an odd thing to be moaning about, especially since I am one (at least most of the time)!  I really hope I’m not such an inconsiderate dick-head as most of them online appear to be.  Or maybe their normal sensibilities are being overruled by the itch in their pants?  Who knows? Who the f### cares, quite frankly?!

Is it really too much to ask that people actually read profiles before trying to add me as a friend.  I have a presence in various areas of the internet and I will ALWAYS set out my rules for accepting friends.  A good example of this is my Flickr profile.  I have clearly stated that I’m not interested in admirers of the male persuasion, but still people try to add me as friend.  It leads me to wonder why, if there are profiles up, do they not f###ing read them?

My thinking is that generally they either can’t read because all the blood has left their heads, or they read it but use that age-old male logic that “no doesn’t really mean no”!  Yes, it f###ing does people!  Jesus H!! Do they seriously think that I would bother writing “I’m not interested” if it wasn’t true?

In fact I firmly believe that some people do it just because they think ti’s funny. What brings me to this conclusion? Well, a little experiment I performed recently where I updated my profile and added some bold text and some pretty firm warnings.  I had 9 people, both men and t-girls alike, trying to befriend me when they had mostly pictures of their bit and pieces in various states of arousal.  It clearly says in my blurb that doing this will earn you an instant block – no questions asked. To all of them I have just the middle finger salute and a few words: “It’s your own time yer wastin’!”

Please don’t get me wrong here – I don’t mind talking to men if I’m out, just so long as they don’t try to get cute and develop wandering hands and such like.  I don’t ‘chat’ or ‘cam’ online anymore because when I did I had my evenings ruined by these jerks that think they’re ‘all that’!  And I’m being a bit hard on the guys because there are plenty of ‘t’ girls out there that have a similar affliction of needing a quick thrill to get them off while they’re online.

Now, I realise that this makes me sound like I have an aversion to sex.  Not true.  I enjoy encounters with both women and fellow tv/cd’s, which I am aware raises a contradiction of sorts with the last line of the previous paragraph.  It’s a fine line between what I find offensive and what I’ll let someone get away with and it basically comes down to how well I know the person concerned.  If I don’t know you and you come straight out with pictures of your little soldier boy standing to attention and whole lot of filth in a message then, to put it simply, you can forget any chance of me responding!

I know that at the end of the day, all of this will end up being completely pointless because the situation won’t improve simply because I’ve ranted and raved about it!   Some of you may be thinking that, with all of the t-girls out there that love to have these kinds of encounters, the guys have no real way of knowing which of us are going to be accepting of their advances and which aren’t.  Oh, no wait, they do don’t they? READ THE FRIGGIN’ PROFILE!

I apologise for this rant, but I needed to get it off my chest.  I expect that most of you reading this are good people and you’d never degrade yourselves by resorting to these sorts of tactics.

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