My slip collection

I’ve been in love with slips since the first time I put on my mother’s clothes. On that occassion it was a full-length satin affair, but I have since developed an insatiable lust for all slips but specifically half slips.

I currently have around over 200 in my collection. I must have every colour, length and style; most have gorgeous lacey trimming on the hems; most of them are satin, although I have a few nylon ones, but they tend to be the older, heavier type nylons that are really silky… well, you get the idea. I guess it’s a fetish because I can’t stop buying them. I only have to see the shiny material and I have to buy it. Whenever I dress I wear a slip – my outfit feels weirdly incomplete without one!

Most of my recent purchases have been from a select few sellers on e-bay that I know I can trust to provide the most wonderful and good quality slips. Despite some of them going for ridiculous prices (some go for £100 plus!) there are still some fantastic bargains out there providing you have the patience to keep looking.

I prefer the longer-length slips (I just love the feel as they hit my legs!) but I have a few of the shorter length half slips that I bought especially to them under my normal clothes, along with my panties.

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