The first pangs of desire

For me it all started at age 13 when I was at home after school with a friend of mine. My parents both worked so it wasn’t unusual for me to have the house to myself for an hour or so.  This particular day it was just myself and my friend and he dared me to put on a pair of my mum’s panties so I did! Simple as that!  Nothing else happened and the rest of afternoon when fairly normally (after the panties were put back!).

However, it stirred a curiosity in me and a couple of times when I found myself at home alone I tried a couple more panties and even a bra but found the experience lacking a certain “something”.  Eventually a few months later my parents went out for the evening and I had the place to myself.  I decided that this would be the time to put the nagging feelings I’d been having into reality.

I spent the first part of the evening after they’d left going through everything in my mum’s wardrobes and drawers to get an idea of what I wanted to try on.  After an hour or so I couldn’t stand it any longer so I discarded my own clothes and chose a lovely pair of red satin panties with black lace trim and a black lacey bra to begin with.  Mum wasn’t one for stockings and suspenders so I had to make do with a pair of tights.

In my search I had found a floor-length satin slip that was obviously bought for the outfit that I’d decided to wear.  I guess this is where my fetish for slips started because as soon as I pulled that delightful creation over my young body “things” started to stir!  Next I pulled on the brown full-length satin and chiffon skirt swiftly followed by an, almost see-through, chiffon blouse.

I then pulled on the strappy, 2 inch heeled sandles which were the only shoes that “kind of” fit and started to walk around.  I felt so relaxed in the clothes and adored the sensual feelings of the materials as they rubbed against my body when I moved.  I was hooked and spent the rest of that evening dressed in that outfit, practising walking and sitting like a proper young lady!  I suppose I have little need to try to explain the elation I felt at wearing the clothes or the, probably over-the-top, girly feelings that accompany the whole experience but they were defiinately there.

I’ve been dressing every chance I get since that night and have had some lovely experiences, both on my own and with others but those stories will have to wait until another time!

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