A nice shopping experience

This story is copied from the Blogger site; it’s copied “as-is” apart from spelling corrections.  I’ve removed it from there but thought it should be given a home here.  I will be copying across other posts over the next day or so.  Now for the story …

A few years ago now, I was leaving work one day when I had a strong urge to buy something girly.

I caught a bus to town, all the way I was wrestling with my conscience, trying to persuade myself that it would be a bad idea. Of course, my femme side came out on top and I wound up in a small, independent shop on the outskirts of the town. I’d been past it many times on the bus and caught glimpses of some lovely clothes, now here I was perusing the various hangers searching for that special something.

During my search a few ladies came and went, not really paying any attention to me. I finally found the most lovely pink satin, wrap-around style dress in my size. I took it to the lady at the till and was very surprised when she asked if I wanted to try it on! Straight out. No small-talk, just bold-as-you-like “would you like to try it on?”.  I was so stunned I didn’t have the presence of mind to even try denying it was for me. Instead I replied “yes, please”, more-than-likely a little too eagerly!  It was only as I was following her over to the changing rooms that I realised what I was doing, but it was too late to back out without looking like an idiot.

So there I am, in changing room pulling off my trousers and removing my shirt looking at myself in the mirror standing in just my panties. I pulled the dress off the hanger and slid it on.  I’d like to say that I wasn’t turned on but you’d all know that wasn’t true – I was fully hard, which spoilt the look slightly. Looking in the mirror again I was disappointed that I wasn’t made-up and wearing heels and a wig to get the full effect, but the dress fit great. Reluctantly I removed the dress and got dressed, suddenly missing the wispy material that was covering my body moments before.

Back at the till I had a nice conversation with the sales lady about the dress and what other things I liked. She showed me some wonderful satin blouses but I was unable to afford them at that time but she promised to keep some back for me. I went back a few weeks later and, true to her word, the blouses were tucked away in the back store room.

Needless to say that this shop became a regular on my shopping trips until I moved away. I have yet to find another place quite so accommodating.

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