Name change

After much deliberation I have decided to change my femme name.  It’s not the first time but, hopefully, will be the last.

My brief femme name history

When I first started out I called myself Samantha – if I remember correctly that was around 1983.  I was happy with that for a long time.  I used this name on my first, and subsequent, visits to Transformation.  I even presented them with a photo for their wall with a wonderful girly signature on it – wonder what happened to that?!

When I began to get more confident and started to get out, meeting other crossdressers I found that they would shorten the name to Sam.  Now that’s all very well, and I didn’t really mind it, but after a while I found it sounded more male than female, so I changed it.  I guess this would be sometime in the early nineties.

After much deliberation I I came up with Kathryn.  Of course, that got shortened too, sometimes by me signing e-mails and forum posts with “Kate”.  People I met online and in real life would invariable use the more “girly” contraction of “Katie”.  It got shortened further to Kat at some point – that may have been me, after watching Kat Von D on Miami Ink!

I’ve joined a number of sites using the “Kate” monicker so if you think I look familiar that’s probably the reason.  It really is me and not some imposter stealing my pictures, honest.  I have plenty of evidence if it’s ever called into question.

So, why the change?

If I’m totally honest I don’t know why I feel the need to change names now.  Maybe it’s because I’m trying turn over a new leaf, begin a new chapter – pick your own cliche!  I think it’s because I want to be taken a bit more seriously … oh, I don’t know.

Whatever the reason, Kathryn has been part of me for so long that I can’t ditch it completely so I’ve decided to keep it as my middle name. So the full name I’ve chosen is Sarah Kathryn Storm.

I’ve never used a surname before (let alone a middle name), but to clear up the origins: the surname is just a sad salute to my cartoon heroine Susan Storm from the Fantastic Four.

So this is me from now on: Sarah Storm … reporting for duty.