Not a really good day

In fact, today has been a bit of a “non-event”.

The car went in for a service; they tried to stitch me up for £800 on a catalytic converter! Apparently it’s cracked all the way around.  Being an official Ford garage they do a check whenever you take the car in for work, which I did a few weeks ago – there didn’t appear to be any crack then.  Also, some of the things that they said “really should be done” last year were strangely absent this time.  Hmmm!

Anyway, back to the subject – this is, after all, a crossdressing blog not a car blog.

A parcel arrived today, which turned out to be one of my e-bay purchases – a lovely dusky pink nylon half slip. Just the pair of gorgeous satin panties to go and my recent purchases will all be safely in my hands.

No doubt I’ll be doing my usual peruse of the new additions on e-bay this evening; I really should stop because all four drawers in my bed are full-to-overflowing!

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